Go Hard (La La La) (3:38)

Producers: Boys Noize, Free School, Moritz Friedrich, Jonas Jeberg

Writers: various

Publishers: various

Columbia Records

With debut album "Somethin' Bout Kreay" on the cusp of release, Kreayshawn channels her wild side on the album's official first single, "Go Hard (La La La)." Achieving commercial success with her viral hit "Gucci Gucci" last year, the Oakland, Calif., rapper experiments with a bubble-gum pop vibe provided in part by Boys Noize, who produced two cuts on the album. Yet working within her hip-hop persona, Kreay shines with her melodic lyrics as DJ scratches accompany her braggadocio. "Hey bitch, do you really wanna go hard?," the pint-sized MC asks in the chorus. While the lyrics may not be profound, Kreayshawn has never been shy about supporting self-expression. Pieces of "Go Hard" offer up a genuine flare that remains rare in crossover records-and could signal a solid debut album. - Tyler K. McDermott


Sleep Alone (3:56)

Producer: Jacknife Lee

Writers: Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, Sam Halliday

Publishers: Transgressive Publishing,Warner/Chappell Music Publishing


For much of "Sleep Alone," the first single from London indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club's sophomore effort, Beacon, the drums pulse at a quick, steady pace; a persistent rush of hi-hat clicks and bumping bass drums. On top, guitarists Sam Halliday and Alex Trimble add sleepy noodling on the verses that they ratchet up to power-pop-inspired riffing when the chorus hits. It's a simple formula, but Two Door Cinema Club pulls it off on "Sleep Alone," with Trimble's soft yet powerful voice becoming more forceful as the song continues. Things get a bit clunky around the bridge, but the band recovers in style in the track's last 30 seconds, as the drums open up to a half-time stomp, a piano plunks in the background and choral "ahhh's" swell. The rapturous final flourish manages to catch the listener off guard even after a few plays. - Jon Blistein


Take a Little Ride (3:08)

Producer: Michael Knox

Writers: D. Altman,

R. Clawson, J. McCormick

Publishers: Cal IV/Big Red Toe/Amarillo Sky Songs/Chrysalis Songs/Songs of Jim McCormick (BMI)

Broken Bow Records

Jason Aldean's last album, "My Kinda Party," spawned a staggering number of smashes, and the hit parade continues with this new single, which debuted at No. 12 on last week's Billboard Hot 100 and previews his next full-length. This commanding, uptempo tune is Aldean's highest debut to date, and once again, producer Michael Knox works his magic to create a single that urges fans to lift their beers and sing along. Songwriters Dylan Altman, Rodney Clawson and Jim McCormick have penned an anthem that celebrates the simple pleasures of cruising the back roads in a Chevy truck while a pretty little thing parks her painted pink toes on the dashboard. Aldean sings, "Anyone from the heartland is gonna understand what I'm talking about," and they most likely do. Therein lies the essence of Aldean's everyman, ready-to-party rebel appeal, fully present on "Take a Little Ride." - Deborah Evans Price