Warner and Sony Join Universal's Lawsuit Against Grooveshark
Warner and Sony Join Universal's Lawsuit Against Grooveshark

More than a year after being r emoved from Google's app store for the Android - reportedly under pressure from major labels - Grooveshark's app reappeared today, although the four major labels' lawsuits against the company continue. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, although Billboard.biz received a statement from Grooveshark shortly afterward.

"After working closely with Google to get rogue apps removed, we're delighted that the official Grooveshark app has been reinstated in the Android market," the statement reads. "Grooveshark is dedicated to helping music fans search, discover and share music while pioneering new artist promotion, distribution and monetization techniques. We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Android and leverage this fantastic platform for our partners."

At press time, Google had not responded to a request for comment; a rep for the RIAA declined to comment.

In addition to being sued by EMI in April (the grounds of which were disputed by Grooveshark), the company was sued by EMI Music Publishing for breach of contract in January; by Universal Music Group over alleged copyright infringement, among other things, in November, a suit that was joined by Sony and Warner Music Group joined the lawsuit in December. A New York judge ruled in favor of Grooveshark in a separate copyright infringement lawsuit filed just by Universal last month.

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