Apple Settles With Nokia in Drawn-Out Patent Dispute
Apple Settles With Nokia in Drawn-Out Patent Dispute

Nokia announced Tuesday the U.S. launch of the free music streaming service Nokia Music. The service is currently exclusive to owners of the Nokia Lumia 900 or Nokia Lumia 710, who can download the app from the Marketplace.

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Nokia has kept Nokia Music simple: "over 150 exclusive playlists" and the ability to create playlists of your own. It provides a gig-finder to locate live events by favorite artists. And Nokia Music connects to Nokia's MP3 store for download purchases. The service does not have advertising or a fee to join. It is simply a value-added product for being a Nokia owner.

This is a stark contrast to Comes With Music, the all-in-one subscription model Nokia launched in September 2008. Comes With Music allowed the mobile phone owner to download an unlimited amount of music to a personal computer -- and sideload to a Nokia mobile phone -- for up to one year for free.

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Comes With Music was confusing, however. The DRM tracks and the built-in cost proved unpopular with consumers, and Comes With Music was shuttered. Nokia Music looks like a more sensible, less confusing approach to adding value to Nokia handsets.

Below is a video Nokia uploaded to YouTube back in December that shows Nokia Music on the Lumia 800 phone. it shows what Nokia Music and Mix Radio -- as it was being called back in December -- looks and feels like on the Microsoft Windows Phone operating system.