'@NotJimmyIovine,' 'Music Editor Real Talk' and Other Hilarious Music-Business Internet Parodies: Update
'@NotJimmyIovine,' 'Music Editor Real Talk' and Other Hilarious Music-Business Internet Parodies: Update

UPDATE: Turns out those GIF TUMBLR blogs are quick on the responses. See below for reactions to this story.

There's no question that the music business sometimes takes itself too seriously. So for those moments when you're fed up with it all, take a look at some of these funny-but-at-times-painfully-accurate Twitter accounts and Tumblr blogs, which hold up a (defaced) mirror to the industry. From parody accounts -- like a fake Jimmy Iovine Twitter that rips on the industry -- to animated GIF blogs with the realest of talk, here are a few of our favorites on Twitter and Tumblr. They get a little mean sometimes, but certainly no worse than some of the lumps we take in the chattersphere every day …


Parody: @NotJimmyIovine ( https://twitter.com/NotJimmyIovine)
Jimmy Iovine may not be on Twitter (the account @realJimmyIovine claiming as much was suspended), but his outspokenness takes shape in this parody account. The imitator of the Interscope chief is almost definitely a label insider -- or at least a close reader of Hits -- tweeting about a who's who of industry players including Jon Platt, Martin Kierszenbaum, Charlie Walk and others, many of whom (not surprisingly) are with or affiliated with Interscope. Could the person behind fake Iovine be employed by his very own label?

Sample Tweet:

Parody: @FakeBobLefzetz
( https://twitter.com/fakeboblefsetz)
Industry writer/punching bag Bob Lefzetz, however, is on Twitter -- but that doesn't prevent this account from parodying his penchants for pop and popped collars. In fact, Lefzetz's own presence on Twitter kind of enhances the experience of following Fake Lefsetz: Opening the two accounts side by side is a look at what we can imagine Lefsetz is really thinking and what he tweets. Whoever's behind this parody account is taking cues from The Lefsetz Letter and trying to nail Bob's voice -- and his affinity for all-caps as unnecessary emphasis.

Sample Tweet:


Parody: Music Editor Real Talk ( http://musiceditorrealtalk.tumblr.com/)
No one's safe from the Music Editor Real Talk Tumblr, whose editor remains unknown despite an online witch-hunt of sorts. In its first two months, this GIF blog has called out the likes of DKC's Susan Novak, William Morris Endeavor's Marc Geiger, The Windish Agency's Amy Davidson, The Agency Group, Forcefield PR, Roc Nation, EDM booking agency AM Only, indie label True Panther, music writers the Pelly twins, and more -- and it's mysteriously deleted some of its older posts (although we're hearing a rumor that it was hacked?). It's been the talk amongst music writers since its launch last month, but we'd highly recommended it to publicists, booking agents, managers and anyone else who regularly deals with the music press -- and wants to know the cynical, curmudgeon-y things they're actually thinking. (It's worth noting that the blog is a take on the #RealTalk From Your Editor GIF Tumblr, which launched this spring.)

Sample post: http://musiceditorrealtalk.tumblr.com/post/31424843885/when-i-have-to-explain-grimes-to-the-ad-sales-director

Parody: What Happens In The Music Biz
( http://whathappensinthemusicbiz.tumblr.com/)
This Tumblr reads like it's run by a young person at a major label, with a particular focus on radio airplay, promo and the overall politics of label life. Whoever's behind this blog is also making strides to be inclusive, featuring guest posts from readers and answering questions from industry wannabes trying to break in. If you're a junior-level label employee, this blog is screaming your name with commentary on bitch work and "Community" GIFS.

Sample post: http://whathappensinthemusicbiz.tumblr.com/post/29977700788/when-someone-asks-me-whats-the-difference-between

PARODY: Touring Haps ( touringhaps.tumblr.com/)
This one's not only for all the tour managers, booking agents and promoters out there, but is also broad enough to appeal those who find themselves at shows on a weekly basis. Topics most often covered include the stupidity of managers, the stupidity of promoters, the stupidity of artists, the stupidity of concert-goers, the stupidity of music festivals -- and basically anyone else within a two-mile radius.

Sample post: http://touringhaps.tumblr.com/post/24688278984/when-a-promoter-tries-to-cancel-a-show-at-the-last

Parody: Real Talk From Your Writer ( http://realtalkfromyourwriter.tumblr.com/)
Though this blog in response to the the Real Talk From Your Editor Tumblr doesn't exclusively deal with music industry woes, it's run by several music writers so it gets a bit specific. In other words, equal amounts of shade and snark are thrown at editors and music publicists alike.

Sample post: http://realtalkfromyourwriter.tumblr.com/post/30280470415/when-a-publicist-tries-to-tell-me-his-her-effusive

From Writer Real Talk:

From Music Editor Real Talk: