Morning Fix: UMG-EMI Merger News; iPhone 5 Mania; Dangerbird Shake-Up; Billy Corgan's Tea House
Morning Fix: UMG-EMI Merger News; iPhone 5 Mania; Dangerbird Shake-Up; Billy Corgan's Tea House

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UNIVERSAL MUSIC-EMI DEAL GOES TO EU VOTE NEXT WEEK; FTC DECISION BY END OF MONTH: SOURCES: The Universal Music Group's proposed acquisition of EMI is headed for the endgame in the regulatory process. According to sources, next week the European Commission will put the deal and the concessions package to vote before full college of EU commissioners; in the U.S., FTC is also expected to reveal its decision during the week beginning Sept. 24, sources suggest.

AEG AND C3 PRESENTS ACQUIRE FRONT GATE TICKETS: AEG and Outbox Enterprises have formed a joint venture with C3 Presents to purchase Austin, Texas-based Front Gate Tickets whereby they will jointly own the ticketing company and together develop ticketing solutions primarily targeted toward the festival business.

JEFF CASTELAZ, MATT SOLODKY EXIT DANGERBIRD RECORDS AND PUBLISHING; JENNI SPERANDEO NAMED PRESIDENT: Dangerbird Records co-founder Jeff Castelaz and General Manager Matt Solodky are leaving the music company to work in management, according to a rather surprising announcement made today by Dangerbird co-founder Peter Walker. Meanwhile, Jenni Sperandeo, the company's head of promotion, has been named president of Dangerbird Records and Dangerbird Publishing. Sources claim Castelaz is taking a "high-ranking" position at a major, with Solodky running day-to-day at the management company.

Stories are flooding the inbox this morning on the surge in demand for the just-announced iPhone 5. Fast Company reports that buyers are facing a two week delay on orders; while CNET says initial orders sold out in 5 hours and that Apple's and AT&T's online stores were down for maintenance; and the Financial Times ran a story on the iPhone's surging sales forecasts with RBC Capital Markets predicting 8-10 million sold by the end of Sept.

PSY'S 'GANGNAM STYLE' DEBUTS ON HOT 100: When you're teaching Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears your own dance, chances are you're making an impact on American pop culture. After appearing on the former's TV show Monday -- and the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6 -- Korean singer/rapper Psy enters the Hot 100 at No. 64 with "Gangnam Style," with the song gaining traction due in part to its dance featuring fun, herky-jerky horse-like gyrations.

That Seth Goldstein is aiming his new startup, the content and advertising-driven DJZ, at the growing electronic dance music (EDM) scene is not a surprise. Goldstein is chairman at, the DJ-minded music service that shot to fame in 2011 but has since lost much of its momentum. What's unusual is Goldstein has raised money from a host of venture capital firms more apt to bet on technology companies (read: not content companies) that disrupt markets and deliver huge payoffs.

PARTISAN RECORDS TO LAUNCH IN THE UK: Brooklyn indie label Partisan Records is launching a new European office in London. The boutique label will open its new UK base in Hammersmith under ex-Island Records and RCA marketing manager Adam Shearer. Partisan, which was founded in 2007 by by Ian Wheeler and Tim Putnam, has signed to its roster Heartless Bastards, Callers, and Diamond Rugs (who feature members of Black Lips, Los Lobos, and Deer Tick).
Music Week

INJUSTICE CONTINUES AS MEGAUPLOAD USER DATA NEGOTIATIONS GO BUST: Almost nine months have passed since Megaupload's servers were raided by the U.S. Government yet after all this time there is no agreement on how former users can retrieve their files. Meanwhile, Megaupload's 1,103 servers are gathering dust at Carpathia Hosting in the United States.

- Thursday - Open new tea shop in North Shore suburb
- Friday - Attend matches by his wrestling team, Resistance Pro
- Saturday - Start rehearsals for Smashing Pumpkins tour
The tea shop is Corgan's latest endeavor in a career full of Neil Young-esque left turns, on and off stage. It's an idea he said he's had for a decade, one that's finally budding with Thursday's grand opening of Madame Zuzu's Tea House, a former post office storefront at 582 Roger Williams Ave. in Highland Park.
Chicago Sun Times

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