ID&T CEO Duncan Stutterheim on Acquisition Rumors: 'We're Talking to Everyone'
ID&T CEO Duncan Stutterheim on Acquisition Rumors: 'We're Talking to Everyone'

With rumors of acquisition looming, Duncan Stutterheim, co-founder and CEO of ID&T, says the world-leading dance music event producer and promoter is "talking to everyone. That's the exact status right now."

The Dutch company is working with Live Nation to front the first-ever North American edition of Sensation, its global dance party for grown-ups, at Brooklyn's brand-new Barclays Center, October 26-27 (Saturday sold out in a few hours; tickets to Friday are still available). The companies announced their partnership in June with a press conference at New York's exclusive Provocateur Lounge, during which Stutterheim and Live Nation New York President Jason Miller both wore Sensation's signature all-white and repeatedly declared their mutual admiration.

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But Stutterheim says that doesn't mean that Live Nation will be the company to acquire them.

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"We had a strategy: We were looking for a good partner for the first event, and found one with Jason [Miller]. He fought for us for two years," says Stutterheim. "But we haven't signed anything for the future and are still talking to everyone."

Founded in the early '90s, ID&T is behind festivals like 180,000-person Tomorrowland in Belgium, and events like Sensation, a highly produced party that fills arenas all over the world. A creative leader in the global dance-music market with a strong point of view and several well-developed brands - designed to fill very big rooms - ID&T would be a crown jewel for the growing EDM empires of Live Nation, AEG or Robert F.X. Sillerman's revived SFX Entertainment, which is said to be spending over $1 billion in acquisitions.

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"We're talking to Live Nation, AEG and independents," confirms Stutterheim. "For us, the U.S. is one of the most important markets; it's going to be the biggest EDM market in the world. Our plan is to introduce ourselves with the Sensation event [in October]. At that point, we can announce who our partner is going to be for the future in the U.S.