Survey: Tablet Usage Gaining on Hours Spent at the Computer

A J.D. Powers and Associates survey found tablet owners spend 7.5 hours per week on their devices watching videos, listening to music or reading books, compared with spending 9.6 hours per week on a computer for the same activities. Apple ranked highest in satisfaction levels, with a score of 848 out of 1,000, while Amazon scored close behind at 841. (The industry average was 832.) Below-average brands include Samsung (at 827), Acer (811), Barnes & Noble (803) and HP (790).

Ubuntu One Music Store Gets an Upgrade

Buying downloads is now said to be easier at the Ubuntu One music store, which was recently upgraded to resemble unlicensed music lockers like the first Amazon Cloud Player. Ubuntu One once required a special plug-in to work, but it can now be accessed through the Web or mobile devices. Ubuntu One is also giving away five gigabytes of storage for music, photos or other files.

Apple to FOLD Ping Social Network

Ping, the social network that was built into Apple's iTunes, will close its doors on Sept. 30. Ping had an uneventful two-year run, and its shuttering doesn't come as a surprise. Word leaked in June that Apple would soon shut down the disappointing service. Because it was an Apple creation, expectations were high when Ping originally launched in September 2010. Built to compete with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, Ping's goal was to allow iTunes users to share their purchases and track the activities of friends and artists.