Ross on Radio: What Is The Best Practice For Ad Insertion? There Could Be Many
Ross on Radio: What Is The Best Practice For Ad Insertion? There Could Be Many

"Ross On Radio," the long-running, influential column about radio programming trends and history, is returning to Billboard. Beginning on October 8, the column will appear every Monday in Billboard's "Top 40 Update" free subscription e-mail newsletter, and will publish on the following Wednesday. ( Head here to sign up for the free newsletter.)

Sean Ross, author of "Ross On Radio," is one of radio's most respected programming analysts. He is a former radio section editor of Billboard, as well as the former editor-in-chief of now-defunct trade publication Airplay Monitor. He is currently VP of music and programming at Edison Research.

"Ross On Radio" began in 1995 as the "Top 40 Topics" column in Airplay Monitor. Several years later, the column was renamed "Ross On Radio," focusing on significant programming trends in all formats. It has also appeared on and, most recently, at (To see the columns Sean has written since leaving at the end of August, head here for September 3 ( "The Song of the Summer That Almost Wasn't"), September 24 (" Q100 20 on 97.9 Transitions To Contemporary Hit Radio") and October 1 (" What Is the Best Practice for Ad Insertion?".)

"It's such a pleasure to bring Sean back into the Billboard fold," says Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard's director of charts. "Top 40 Update and are the perfect venues for Sean's always insightful radio commentary to live."

Ross says: "Mike Stern, Gary Trust and Rich Appel have done a great job of establishing Top 40 Update as the publication of radio programming ideas. When I began looking for a new home for the "Ross On Radio" column, readers told me this was the right place. I'm excited to work with Billboard publisher Tommy Page and with Silvio Pietroluongo, with whom I have a 25-year friendship."

Although the column will not appear on until Wednesday, readers will be able to comment on the newsletter version via a link that leads to a commenting area on, or by heading to the column's home page: .

Ross will also contribute exclusive news and commentary for

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