Varied Latin lands put forth best new artist contenders.

This year's best new artist Latin Grammy Award nominees originate from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela and the United States. Each contender qualifies for a nomination in this category based on albums that "first establish their identity to the public as performers," according to the Latin Recording Academy.


Brazilian Gaby Amarantos stands out for her vibrant musical style and powerful vocals in songs that urge listeners to get up and move. Must-hear tracks on her electrifying "Treme" include "Ex Mai Love," "Pimenta Com Sal" and "Galera Da Laje."

DEBORAH de corral

Hailing from Argentina, Deborah De Corral delights fans with catchy pop melodies. The album "Nunca O Una Eternidad" features "Algo" and highlights the singer's festive repertoire.


Born in Cuba, Elain knew as a child that he wanted to be an artist and taught himself to play the guitar at age 6. The versatile singer, also nominated for best contemporary tropical album, is known for creating music with such styles as bossa nova, jazz and son montuno. His album "Volando Alto" features the fan favorite "El Mensaje" featuring Danay Suarez.


Venezuelan rock band Los Mesoneros has also been nominated for best rock album, best rock song and best recording package. The album's title track, "Indeleble," is haunting, poignant and evenly paced with the project's deep and soulful spirit.


Spanish DJ Juan Magan has turned up the volume and become an international sensation thanks to producing club hits. His album "The King of Dance" includes eight new tracks and eight hits with participation from Pitbull, Don Omar and Dyland & Lenny, among others.


Miami-born Rosario Ortega studied music as a child and by the time she was 18 began composing songs in English. Eventually more opportunities came her way. Her album "Viento y Sombra" highlights her musical chops and skillful ability to tell stories musically.


They're four young singers from Colombia: Pablo Meji­a, Juan David Huertas, David Escobar and Juan David Castano. For several years they've been making music and winning awards. The group's self-titled album features the foursome's vocal harmonies and pop appeal.


Opening for Justin Bieber in Mexico City was one of this year's highlights for DJ collective 3BallMTY. The members -- Erick Rincon, Alberto "DJ Otto" Presenda and Sergio "DJ Sheeqo" Zaval -- have become international stars thanks to their signature tribal guarachero sound produced by Toy Selectah.


The Los Angeles-born artist is the offspring of Argentine singer/songwriters Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer. But Ana Victoria stands on her own with a musically rich self-titled album featuring such pop gems as "Yo No Lloro Por Llorar."


Venezuelan singer/songwriter Ulises Hadjis, who is of Greek descent, is also nominated for best alternative album ("Casas Perdidas") and best rock song ("Donde Va"). His music has been called "intelligent pop," and the crooner uses Greek instruments to write folk-inspired songs appealing to a global audience.