Spanish Singer Luz Casal Signs with SESAC Latina (Exclusive)
Spanish Singer Luz Casal Signs with SESAC Latina (Exclusive)

Spanish singer Luz Casal, who will be given a lifetime achievement prize by the Latin Recording Academy in November, has signed with SESAC Latina, according to an official with the performance rights organization.

SESAC Latina will represent Casal's copyrights in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The award-winning Casal said she principally signed with SESAC because of the company's reputation for being hands-on when it comes to supporting artists, according to a statement from the singer.

"Her talent is at a global level," SESAC Latina VP of writer/publisher relations J. J. Cheng says. "I think that it is great that her joining SESAC Latina coincides with the Latin Grammy lifetime achievement award."

SGAE, Spain's main collecting society for songwriters, composers and music publishers, still represents Casal in most regions globally. The singer is well known for working with Spanish Oscar-winning director Pedro Almodovar, who collaborated with the singer in his 1991 film "High Heels."

In the early 1990s, Casal was part of a festival organized by Amnesty International in Chile. The event also included participation from Sinead O'Conner and Peter Gabriel. Some of the Spanish icon's most recognized albums include "Entre Mis Recuerdos" (Among My Souvenirs), "Besaré El Suelo" (I'll Kiss The Floor) and "Un Pedazo De Cielo" (A Piece of Heaven).

Last year the singer released "Un Ramo De Rosas" (A Bouquet of Roses), a compilation album from EMI Music Spain, which included popular Spanish-American music of the last century. The album included "Piensa en Mi," the song was heard on the Almodovar film and one that has been critically praised.

Some of Casal's other collaborations include working with Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Etienne Daho and Jackson Browne, among others.

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