Country group Lady Antebellum is partnering with water filtration company Brita and their "Filter For Good" campaign to encourage fans to drink filtered water and use fewer plastic bottles in the process. The Brita deal is the first corporate partnership for the band, which is currently in the studio working on its second Capitol album.

The group is launching its campaign to reduce water bottle waste online and on the road, starting with this week's Webisode on Wednesday. Lady A has been posting weekly webisodes for fans for nearly a year. Brita will promote the association at with Lady A at and

Lady Antebellum, which supports Kenny Chesney on his Sun City Carnival Tour this summer, will have Brita filtering systems installed on their tour bus and will drink from reusable Nalgene bottles.

"We have 12 people on the bus and everybody's drinking several bottles of water every day," Lady A's Dave Haywood says. "We can go through a hundred bottles in a day and that could fill up landfills pretty quickly. When we can, we're going to do the filtered water thing. For us it's about a small, simple change that can go a long way."

Brita's "Filter For Good" campaign is part of a larger movement to reduce bottled water waste and raise overall awareness about environmental issues.

"Our Brita 'Filter for Good' campaign we thought would resonate with Lady A's fans quite a bit," says Drew McGowan, senior group manager for Brita. "Their video for (current single) 'I Run to You' has an underlying message of paying it forward, and we really thought that fit well with our campaign, which is all about educating people on reducing plastic water bottle waste."

Lady Antebellum is also participating in the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour on March 28, when individuals and communities across the world will turn off their lights at 8:30 p.m. local time to show their commitment to take action on climate change. To that end, the band will dim their stage lights during their performance of "I Run To You" at their show in Peoria, Ariz.

"We're all about helping out where we can," says Haywood. "We all understand the perils in this world and how making small changes can go a long way. When opportunities like this present themselves, we're glad to jump on board."

Brita is a division of the Clorox Company, which has also hooked up its Kingsford charcoal and KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce brands with this summer's Keith Urban Escape Together tour.

Marcie Allen Cardwell, president of MAC Presents, brokered both deals. Lady Antebellum is managed by Borman Entertainment and booked by Stan Barnett at CAA.