When Scott Borchetta signed then-15-year-old Taylor Swift to his fledgling Big Machine Records label in 2005, the former DreamWorks Nashville executive ignored the prevailing view that teen acts don't work in the adult-oriented country format.

Now, Borchetta is flouting conventional wisdom again, partnering with Universal Republic president/CEO Monte Lipman to form Republic Nashville (billboard.biz, June 5). It's Borchetta's third new business venture in less than four years, a bold move at a time when the recording industry is in the midst of a historic contraction.

Why are you expanding when other labels are trimming back?

Universal, Monte Lipman in particular, and myself have been trying to find a way to do more business together. He's been my partner on the top 40/crossover side [for Swift's records]. I wasn't looking to take on another label. [But I thought] if I could get somebody that I could trust and that I knew could do the job and who was the right person, then maybe we could combine this momentum and this interest and have another opportunity. So I spoke to Jimmy [Harnen] about it and he's like, "My God, that is the only move I'd consider making right now." He was very happy at Capitol. It all came together.

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