Backbeat: Roberto Tapia Finds His Romantic Side
Backbeat: Roberto Tapia Finds His Romantic Side

Roberto TapiaOn The red carpet: Robero Tapia (left) with Billboard's Leila Cobo and mun2 programming VP Flavio Morales.

Roberto Tapia
At the red carpet, Roberto Tapia takes questions from La Opinion.

Corridos have been all the rage during the last 12 months on the Billboard charts. But now, many corrido acts -- including multi-award winner Gerardo Ortiz -- have professed the desire to tap into their romantic side. At the red carpet during the Billboard Mexican Music Awards, corrido singer Roberto Tapia also said his next album will include at least a couple of romantic tracks.

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"Let's say we've become less violent," he said with a laugh. Tapia will begin recording this week. Corridos, however will remain the focus of his repertoire.

"My music isn't songs for 'Dora The Explorer,'" he conceded. "But they're real stories." The album is set for release in early 2012.