Backbeat: Tierra Cali Gets Early Christmas Gift--Two Gold Albums
Backbeat: Tierra Cali Gets Early Christmas Gift--Two Gold Albums

Humberto "El Ron" Plancarte, lead singer and songwriter for Regional Mexican group Tierra Cali, made a pre-Christmas Miami stop to pick up two Gold albums for RIAA certified shipment of 50,000 copies. One was for "Maldito Amor," released in April, 2010, and the other for "Un Siglo de Amor," released in April of this year.

From left: Tierra Cali manager Fernando Romero of American Promotions Inc.; Humberto Plancarte of Tierra Cali; Jorge Pino, VP of Music for Venevision, at the Sofitel Hotel in Miami. (Photo by Leila Cobo)

During its six-year tenure with indie Venemusic, Tierra Cali has already collected seven Gold albums and one Platinum (shipments of 100,000) for its catchy, danceable "Tierra Caliente" fare. The music is coming of age here in the U.S., with Tierra Cali spear-heading the first Tierra Caliente tour, slate to hit the road in early 2012. Other acts Plancarte has invited to perform alongside Tierra Cali include La Dinastía de Tuzantla and Los Players.

"The groups are extremely motivated," says manager Fernando Romero. "Nobody knew this world [of Tierra Caliente music] before."

Plancarte and Billboard's Leila Cobo.