Executive Playlist: Bill Wilson of the Music Business Association Rocks Very Hard

Executive Playlist is a new Billboard.biz platform where the movers and hand-shakers of the music business put together a music mix of their choosing. More often than you would think that guy or gal dressed in business casual at the conference table, when it comes to music, both rocks hard and is a passionate and knowledgeable music fan. Wilson, who ran his own hardcore label (bio below), submitted an appropriately serrated set allowing us to kick-off Executive Playlists with a massively impressive 130 track set. Here you'll find everything from pioneering metal band Venom to the unrelenting Texas garage of the Riverboat Gamblers; but also Interpol, Johnny Cash, Amy Winehouse and way, way more. 

Bill Wilson, VP, Digital Strategy & Business Development for the Music Business Association


"The offices for MusicBiz are located just outside of Philadelphia, so when I first started working for the organization, I needed a playlist that would keep me company on my commute from NYC. So I picked a bunch of random anthems from my youth, all high octane all fast tempo, ranging from all things rock and metal to a variety of hardcore. This and a 32 oz. coffee was all I needed to get that ordinarily 90 minute drive done in an hour." 



Bill Wilson, the Music Business Association's VP of Digital Strategy & Business Development, says there isn’t a “shitty job in the analog music business" he hasn't had. Wilson grew up in Yonkers, NY headbanging to metal and hitting clubs like the Rising Sun and frequenting local record stores such as Mad Platters. In 1985 he began checking out matinees at CBGB’s as his tastes moved from metal to hardcore. At 19 he started Blackout! Records and began designing t-shirts for friends' bands and later album covers. After buying a book called "How to Make and Sell Your Own Records" at a Lower East Side fanzine shop called See/Hear, Wilson and a partner put out a compilation "New York City Hardcore: Where the Wild Things Are" that sold some 15K copies. He later went to work for Relativity Records, Caroline Distribution, Earache Records. He also road managed Shudder To Think on it Lollapalooza '94 tour. Blackout! eventually scored a first look deal with MCA/Universal in the late 90's. As that deal came to an end, Wilson jumped into the tech side of the business at several startups, and running mobile at Atlantic before joining MusicBiz five years ago.

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