Backbeat Byte: At Outside Lands, Dawes Drummer Griffin Goldsmith Hints at 'Big News' for Band's Vanity Label

Dawes' Griffin Goldsmith takes a breather with Jessica Phelps, from their management company Q Prime, after his Outside Lands set. 

(Photo Credit: Jeff Miller)

Billboard caught up with drummer Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes backstage at the Sutro stage just following the band's incendiary set late Sunday at Outside Lands, where he was hanging out with Jessica Phelps from their management company Q Prime, who helps run HUB records, the band's vanity label. Phelps had a busy day, with Foals, Dawes, and the Chili Peppers all performing on Sunday. "It's been really fun to see our bands interact on different stages with the certain times of day they had to play," she said, as Willie Nelson crooned "On The Road Again" on the Sutro stage behind her. "I was really happy to see Dawes – the reaction from the crowd this time was amazing." Goldsmith agreed that Outside Lands was a success – he'd been at the fest all weekend, and said, "it seemed like a really long time for a really short set, but it all culminated an hour and a half ago [when we took the stage.] Although she wouldn't give up details, Phelps' suggested there's big news from HUB before the end of the year, too: "The Dawes fan base has been really wonderful, and the indie retail side has been really wonderful," Phelps said, "so we have something we'll be announcing before the end of the year for indie retail."