Backbeat: The Kin Host Foodie Feast, Rock Show @ Kingswood Restaurant
Backbeat: The Kin Host Foodie Feast, Rock Show @ Kingswood Restaurant

KinWe Are Family: From Left: The Kin's Shakerleg, producer Tony Visconti, the Kin's Thorry and Isaac Koren (Photo: Christa Titus)

Soulful music group the Kin transformed the downstairs of New York's Kingswood Restaurant into its own personal nightclub Oct. 11. Following the inaugural meal of its Dinner With Thieves performance-based dining series, DJ DPak mixed Metallica with Lady Gaga during the Alchemical After Party as guests like Bon Appetit blogger Sam Dean sipped cocktails and lasers illuminated the dancefloor. The Kin has much to dance about: It's on the verge of announcing a major-label deal that will include a DVD directed by Christian Huguenot (also in attendance). The group, which is also holding down a residency at New York's Rockwood Music Hall until the end of the year, continues making inroads onscreen: One of its latest musical synchs is featured in the hit documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." The group also wrote the score and title track to the James St. Vincent-directed "The Price," which has won praise at film festivals, and sibling bandmates Isaac and Thorry Koren make a cameo appearance.

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The Kin is slated to work with legendary producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex) on its next album. Visconti attended with guest Kristeen Young, whose new EP "V the Volcanic" he also produced. Although Young designs her own fashions (sporting a wide-shouldered blouse she created herself and a fetching black hat), wields a keyboard with abandon and projects a voice that recalls Kate Bush, don't categorize her as another Lady Gaga. Her artistic, Broadway-influenced stylings are a definite left turn from the current electro pop trend.

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