Backbeat: Romeo Santos on New Album, Will Smith's Acting Tips, George Lopez's Comedy Skit
Backbeat: Romeo Santos on New Album, Will Smith's Acting Tips, George Lopez's Comedy Skit

Movie Star Good Looks: Romeo Santos (right), whose solo album drops Nov. 8 with Billboard's Leila Cobo.

Which track from Romeo Santos' upcoming Nov. 8 solo release, "Formula, Vol. 1," has most single potential? Hard to say, really. At a private listening session with Billboard in Santos' Miami Beach hotel suite found an album chock full of hits, including current single "Promise," featuring Usher (which tops Billboard's Top Latin Digital Songs chart this week), "Aleluya" featuring Pitbull and a truly stunning "Mi Santa," featuring flamenco guitarist Tomatito.

There's also a hilarious opening skit in which Santos, speaking in English and Spanish, "confesses" to a priest, played by George López: "Is it a sin to fly private, Father?" asks Santos. "No," says "Father" López. "It's a sin to fly coach."

Santos' love for histrionics will also be put to use in an upcoming TV comedy series that will air sometime in 2012 on ABC. The close-to-life series-produced by Overbrook Entertainment (the company founded by James Lassiter and Will Smith)--will star Santos as the older son of Dominicans in New York who is torn between his ambitions and his parent's traditions.

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When we asked if he'd acted before, Santos laughed. "That's what I asked them!" he says. "I said, 'Are you guys aware I've never done this before?' And they said, "Listen, we've seen you onstage.' James Lassiter said, "when Will Smith did 'The Fresh Prince of L.A.," the first four shows he was horrible. Then he got the hang of it and the rest is history."

Santos, who by his own admittance loves television, has his favorite shows, including "Entourage." It's an auspicious preference. One of the agents who negotiated his TV deal is Ari Emanuel, who Ari Gold of the HBO series is based on.

Romeo Santos, right, with his manager Johnny Marines.

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