Backbeat: Irvin 'PW' Salinas Talks 'Nastier And Sexier' Album Over Burgers in L.A.
Backbeat: Irvin 'PW' Salinas Talks 'Nastier And Sexier' Album Over Burgers in L.A.

Safer Than a Lawn Dart: PW (right) shows off his recently purchased arrow Nerf football after downing a burger at The Farm in Beverly Hills; (L-R), his manager, Elba Morales and Jennifer Bull, Sony Music/marketing manager/U.S. Latin.

Fans know him as Pee Wee, but now he's going as PW -- a sign that Irvin Salinas is growing up and moving into a new direction when it comes to his music and career.

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, PW (a Top Stop Music artist), his manager and friends from the Sony Latin Music team (Jorge Sanchez and Jennifer Bull) sat down over burgers to talk about the 22-year-old's new album (due early next year), his new perspective on life and what it means to be growing as an artist.

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Make no mistake, whether people call him Pee Wee, PW or Irvin, Salinas doesn't mind it because his fans know all his names and even during lunch they were sending him messages about the topic on Facebook and Twitter where he has over 95,000 followers @peeweemusic.

"My fans know who I am," says Salinas. "They call me Irvin, they call me Pee Wee. It's all good."

The singer was born in Othello, Wash., where his parents worked in the fields. They'd travel between Mexico and the U.S., eventually settling in Texas.

The Mexican American singer, also an actor, is a former member of the Kumbia Kings and was the lead singer of the Kumbia All Starz. In 2008, he decided to go solo and hasn't looked back.

Do Fries Go With That Shake? PW takes time to lunch recently at an L.A. eatery; (top), Jorge Sanchez, Sony Music, director of marketing, U.S. Latin; (L-R), Elba Morales (PW's manager), Jennifer Bull, Sony/marketing manager/U.S. Latin and singer PW.

PW's current Top Stop Music single, "Wanna Be Yours" (featuring El Cata), in October debuted at No. 32 on Latin Pop Airplay and recently went up 35-28 on Latin Pop Digital Songs.

The goal of the new album, says Morales (his manager), is to make the new album more danceable with an emphasis on Spanglish lyrics, essentially giving the music a bilingual feel through strong rhythmic melodies.

The new vibe of the album means it's "nastier and sexier" jokes Salinas as he points out that he's moving beyond a younger image and flexing his adult muscles in the musical sense without compromising his sound.

The new upbeat (yet-to-be-titled) album is scheduled for release Feb. 7, 2012. Salinas says he's looking forward to a new chapter in his career as his fans grow with him.

"I'm feeling very fulfilled," Salinas says. "I'm in a good place."