Backbeat: Barsuk Prez Josh Rosenfeld Reminisces @ This Busy Monster, Touring With Elliott Smith @ Phantogram's L.A. Show
Backbeat: Barsuk Prez Josh Rosenfeld Reminisces @ This Busy Monster, Touring With Elliott Smith @ Phantogram's L.A. Show
From left to right: The Windish Agency's Mike Mori (Phantogram booking agent), Doug Kallmeyer (band crew), Jim Petosa (tour manager, wearing hat), Tim Oakley (drummer), Shay Roth (band crew), Barsuk president Josh Rosenfeld (also co-manages Phantogram), Sarah Barthel (Phantogram singer), Phantogram co-manager Wes Howerton, Josh Carter (Phantogram singer), Bank Robber Music's Sarah Smith (head of West Coast operations).

A few days following the release of its new EP, "Nightlife" (Barsuk Records), New York electro-rock group Phantogram paid a visit to Los Angeles on Oct. 4 for a sold-out concert at the 1,300-capacity Music Box.


Barsuk president Josh Rosenfeld (who also co-manages Phantogram -- which he jokes is "pretty scummy" -- with Wes Howerton) flew in for the show earlier that day from Seattle, which is where the indie label is based. Unfortunately for Rosenfeld, it was a pretty gloomy day in Hollywood, something that he's pretty used to in the Pacific Northwest.

"I always bring the bad weather from Seattle," he said, laughing. "It happens every time I come to Los Angeles."

During some pre-show banter at the bar, Rosenfeld, who has lived in Seattle his whole life, talked about his younger days of being in a band, This Busy Monster, and touring with rock acts Heatmiser and Built to Spill. He considered touring with Heatmiser the "pinnacle" of his group's career, mostly because the late Elliott Smith, who was a member of Heatmiser, is Rosenfeld's all-time favorite musical artist.

Phantogram co-manager Wes Howerton gets fresh (not really) backstage at Los Angeles' Music Box with tour manager Jim Petosa.

Backstage at the Music Box, caught up with the Windish Agency's Mike Mori, who books Phantogram from the firm's New York office in SoHo. The Los Angeles show was special, Mori said, because the band had brought along some new lighting for the concert. Phantogram will tour through the end of November, and then begin recording a new full-length album. The act's 2009 debut, "Eyelid Movies," has sold 45,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The Windish Agency's Mike Mori (left) Barsuk president Josh Rosenfeld chat it up backstage during opening act Reptar's set.

Meanwhile, Sarah Smith, the head of West Coast operations Bank Robber Music, which pitches Barsuk's masters for synchs/placements, was taking a meeting with execs from Sony Pictures during the evening. Phantogram has already had placements on such TV shows as "Gossip Girl" and "CSI."