Backbeat: Reik Talk Adele, Perform Acoustic Show At Grammy Museum
Backbeat: Reik Talk Adele, Perform Acoustic Show At Grammy Museum

reik Reik, from left to right: Julio Ramirez, Jesus Navarro and Gilberto "Bibi" Marín answer questions from the audience. (Photo: M. Sullivan/WireImage)

Mexican trio and Latin Grammy winners Reik performed an intimate, acoustic set at the Clive Davis Theatre at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles Feb. 22. The group, accompanied by their own guitars, played a set of old and new hits in pared-down versions that highlighted vocal quality and harmonies.

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Prior to the show, in an interview conducted by Billboard, the members of Reik- Jesus Navarro, Julio Ramirez and Gilberto "Bibi" Marín-answered questions on a broad array of topics, from their history together to the way they write music in a conversation peppered with laughter. Navarro's dream collaboration, he said, was with Adele, someone he's wanted to sing with for over three years. At the time, "everyone told me nothing would come out of it, and look at her now," he said ruefully.

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The group's most memorable show? Viña del Mar in Chile. "Everyone hypes it so much, with all these stories about bands getting booed of the stage that you spend more time worrying about it than actually enjoying the performance," said Ramirez. "Now, we're really ready to play Viña."

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As for the first realization that music was their life choice, Navarro admits that even after scoring Reik's first hits, he wasn't sure.

leila The members of Reik posing with Billboard's Leila Cobo after their Q&A at the Grammy Museum. (Photo: M. Sullivan/WireImage)

"It was so hard, everything was so hard-the traveling, the promotion, the lack of sleep-it took me a while to decide I was going to keep on doing it," he says.

Following their Q&A, Reik members took questions from audience members before singing hits like "Peligro" -- the title track of their most recent album on Sony -- "Noviembre" and "Tu Mirada," among others.

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perform Reik performing an intimate acoustic show at the Clive Davis Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo: M. Sullivan/WireImage)