Skype hosted the Eat, Drink, and Be Human event complete with an interactive stage where fans could jam with their favorite artists while they played in real time, with such acts as Tribes, the Parlotones, RJD2, and Neon Trees. The South African-bred Parlotones sat down with us at and shared why SXSWi and technology are so important to them.

manager The Parlotones with manager Raphael Domalik (center, left) and Alicia Yaffe (center, right) from the Spellbound Group. (Photo: Toni Wallace)

The Spellbound Group, the Parlotones' marketing agency, noted that not only is SXSWi one of the more important events for the band and its fans, it is also a great testing ground for innovations the band is doing. For instance, they have a mobile app launching in April that will allow fans to travel with them around the world. Each fan will get a digital and physical passport that stamps Parlotones events they attend throughout the tour.

The band's' manager, Raphael Domalik, said that technology is a key component to the band's success. "We run the band like a corporation," he said. "We all get salaries, including the band members, and we reinvest our funds in the band similar to that of a research and development model at a tech firm."

parlotones The Parlotones hit the stage at Skype's Eat, Drink, and Be Human Party. (Photo: Toni Wallace)

parlotones Parlotones lead singer Kahn Morbee on stage. (Photo: Toni Wallace)