Singer Jessie J (center) receives a plaque from LAVA Records President/CEO Jason Flom (right) at ELLE's in Women Music 2012 at event in L.A. for selling over 12 million copies worldwide of her album Who You Are. (Photo: WireImage)

At Elle magazine's third annual "Elle Women in Music" bash at The Avalon in Hollywood Wednesday night, the theme of the evening was fashion -- leopard print bodysuit and revealing ensembles -- and attempts to get industry executives to dance, clap, and sing along (no easy task) to performances by Jessie J, Ellie Goulding, and Oh Land.

From left: Nanna "Oh Land" Oland Fabricius, Jessica "Jessie J" Ellen Cornish and Ellie Goulding on the red carpet. (Photo: WireImage)

The red carpet arrivals kicked off with Elle Magazine editor-in-chief Robbie Myers joined by publisher Kevin O'Malley presenting a group of students from Hollywood High's Performing Arts Program with a VH1 Save The Music Foundation check for $30,000. The 10-12th graders became starry eyed as they were photographed with the evening's headliners, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding (who later on the carpet discussed balancing her relationship with Skrillex with her music career), and Danish singer Oh Land (Nanna Oland).

There were also appearances by singer Willa Ford, Amy Heidemann (who fielded questions regarding her upcoming wedding to Karmin counterpart Nick Noonan), hairstylist Ken Paves -- the mastermind behind the hair extensions of Lady Gaga, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, and Celine Dion -- Mayra Veronica, Charity Rose (who will be performing with The Head and The Heart at Coachella), Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino, accompanied by MSO Vice President, Alexandra Greenberg and Leah Labelle ( American Idol Season 3 wild card contestant who is currently signed to a joint deal with Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri).

Karmin's Amy Heidemann, who spoke about her upcoming wedding to her Karmin counterpart Nick Noonan. (Photo: WireImage)

Here also was former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton (whose debut mixtape "P.O.Y.B.L" released last month) in a dress that completely exposed her breasts, which she admitted to constructing herself. "I just really wanted to make a statement for fashion's sake and I have a video coming out tomorrow ("Someone to Believe") so I was like, maybe they'll talk about my nipples in my video," she exclaimed. "It's one of the shorter tracks and I actually wrote it to an instrumental off of the soundtrack for Kung Fu Panda, which a lot of people don't know."

Nicole Scherzinger told us how "schmazing" her first European solo tour was. She also discussed being in the studio nonstop working on her forthcoming album. "I have an amazing song coming out with Dallas Austin. I've been working with Pharrell Williams, Rodney Jerkins, Babyface, Sean Garrett -- a lot of amazing friends of mine back in the studio." Scherzinger admitted to just having arrived from the studio where she was collaborating with Will.i.Am (who was spotted inside the party) on a "surprise" that would be coming out soon. She also said she is happy to be off X Factor and focusing on her first love, music. "I want to do more music, music, music, and my ultimate dream is do to a world tour nonstop."

ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee (left) and singer Nicole Scherzinger. (Photo: WireImage)

By 9:00, the majority of the crowd had made their way inside The Avalon, where they were handed a pair of 3D glasses and directed to the bar. Party host, VH1 News correspondent Janelle Snowden, touched on the importance of saving public school music programs and introduced Ellie Goulding, who performed a three-song set, closing with her second single "Starry Eyed."

Interesting Millinery Decision: Nanna "Oh Land" Oland Fabricius performing at Elle's Women in Music event. (Photo: WireImage)

Oh Land jumped on stage instructing the crowd to put on their 3D glasses. The evening's VIP's gave an occasional glance up from texting to catch the flowers and forest-like visuals that popped out from the screen, as well as the singer's antler headdress. Oh Land set included "Voodoo," "Son of a Gun" before the band and vocalist Nanna Oland parted ways with the crowd: "Have an amazing night, and I hope you won't see completely in 2D the rest of the evening."

While waiting for Jessie J to take the stage, DJ Daisy O'Dell spun from the balcony, collaborating with Snowden as they shined the spotlight on two guys below who entertained the crowd with a dance off. "Let's let them finish this and battle it out," quipped Snowden.

Jessie J achieving the nearly-impossible task of getting a heavy music inudstry crowd to sing,
dance and clap along.
(Photo: WireImage)

While Ellie Goulding and Oh Land managed to engage the crowd in a few lackluster clap-a-long sessions, Jessie J commanded the audience's attention, prancing around in a red leopard cat suit and studded stilettos. She tantalized the crowd, thrusting her hips to "Do it Like a Dude" before transitioning into "Nobody's Perfect," and "Price Tag" for which she invited a severely intoxicated member of the crowd on stage to dance. The song had to be paused after the over-zealous dancer bopped Jessie J in the face. Jason Flom LAVA Records CEO, presented Jessie with a plaque for her album Who You Are selling ovrer 12 million copies worldwide. She posed for photos with her award, joking that "This is such an awkward moment. We didn't even finish the song!"

The evening ended earlier than anticipated with a shower of confetti and a standing ovation -- VIPs and all -- for Jessie J's a cappella set closer.

From left: Singer Willa Ford, LAVA Records President/CEO Jason Flom and actress Danielle Panabaker (WireImage)

Spotted in the crowd: Extra correspondent (and Simon Cowell ex) Terri Seymour, who posed for a photo with Nicole Scherzinger; songwriting mogul Diane Warren, giving Ellie Goulding's performance a standing ovation; Elle editor Robbie Myers clapping along to Jessie J. Todd Moscowitz, Co-President/CEO of Warner Music Group sipping cocktails in the party's VIP section; Livia Tortella, President of Warner Brothers Records, on her feet for Jessie J; Rock of Ages star Diego Gonzalez in line for the bar; Karen Kwak, Island Def Jam/VP, A&R Operations at a table with a friend; Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun hurrying through the dance floor.

Also in attendance were: Marc Geiger of William Morris Endeavor; Bradford Cobb of Direct Management Group/Katy Perry Management; Amy Hartman of Island Def Jam/Mercury; Rob Light of CAA; Luke Burland of Warner; Chris Knight of CAM 8 Management; and Maroon 5 manager, Jordan Feldstein.