augustines Augustines! (L to R): Billy McCarthy, Arwen Hunt (ATC Management), Rob Allen, Eric Sanderson. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Arwen Hunt ( ATC Management out of London) introduced us to her band, We Are Augustines, and posed for a photo with us.

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"We're on the back end of the promo run now with their latest album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships. They are going to be writing a new album at the end of the year so hopefully it's released in another year (through Oxcart Records, the band's own imprint, which is Turnout Records in the US). They released an album here last year which was released in the UK and Europe this year so it's still brand new. They're on their second single and getting TV shows and that all seems to be great. In the UK and Europe, it's just the beginning for them to get on radio and playlists so it's like a whole new cycle for them over there. They are like, 'Oh we've done this already. OK.' The priority is to get through the summer, do a lot of touring, get through the festivals here and in the UK and Europe and then get them back in the studio for the next album.

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I'm also working with Kate Nash who is coming out with a third album at the end of this year. She's gonna do a few small key market shows in the US in July. She'll come back end of October/November before Thanksgiving so we'll do some before then and some after."