Backbeat: Yes Man, Film Composer Trevor Rabin Celebrates First Solo Release in Two Decades
Backbeat: Yes Man, Film Composer Trevor Rabin Celebrates First Solo Release in Two Decades

rabin Helping Trevor Rabin celebrate the release of his new solo album are Maureen Crowe, president of Guild Music Supervisors, left, and Rabin's manager, Richard Kraft. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

Trevor Rabin, who ASCAP will honor on June 28 for his film scores, celebrated the release of his first solo album in 23 years with a soiree Wednesday at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills.

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Titled Jacaranda, the largely instrumental album features Rabin playing guitar and keyboards with an alternating cast of drummers that includes his son Ryan Rabin of Grouplove and Vinnie Colaiuta, who brought along bassist Tal Wilkenfeld from Jeff Beck's band.

While Rabin mingled with guests such as manager Richard Kraft and Guild of Music Supervisors president Maureen Crowe, a video played showing Rabin in the studio on a vast array of guitars. Since the event was held in a Gibson-sponsored space, we had to ask how many of the company's guitars he used on the album. Four was his answer, including a Barney Kessel model for the record's jazzier cuts and Super 400 CES for moments that recall his work in Yes; he also makes extensive use of the dobro.

Trevor Rabin, Ex-Yes Guitarist and Film Composer, Releasing New Solo LP

The minute the conversation turned technical, Rabin was more than happy to engage in the more technical aspects of his composing, talking about the idiosyncrasies of writing in odd time signatures such as 20/8, which he explained was a tripled shuffle. He did admit he could not name another song written in 20/8, noting he did previously use it for part of the score to last year's "I Am Number Four."

knutsen ASCAP Nancy Knutsen special consultant celebrates with Trevor Rabin three weeks before the performing rights organization honors him with its Henry Mancini Award. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

Approximately 100 people turned out for the get-together, among them manager Laura Engel; ASCAP special consultant Nancy Knutsen and Shawn Lemone, ASCAP senior VP of film & television music; director Boaz Yakin, who worked with Rabin on "Remember the Titans;" Varese Sarabande Records VP and producer Robert Townson; music supervisor Selena Arizanovic and actress Melora Hardin.