Backbeat: Metric Celebrates Fifth Studio Album 'Synthetica' With Private KROQ Gig in Los Angeles
Backbeat: Metric Celebrates Fifth Studio Album 'Synthetica' With Private KROQ Gig in Los Angeles

metric Metric guitarist James Shaw and vocalist Emily Haines hit the stage at KROQ's Red Bull Sound Space in L.A. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Metric made the rounds while in LA. First it was a sold out show at the El Rey where the crowd included A-listers like Twilight's Rob Pattinson. Next it was an invite-only gig at KROQ's Red Bull Sound Space, and then they were off to grace the outdoor stage at Jimmy Kimmel. Call us biased, but the KROQ gig was the best. Seeing the band in a venue that holds 300-something people was pretty exciting, even if involved rubbing elbows (literally) with the sweaty air guitaring Emily Haines fanatics that crowded the front row.

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The band rolled up for their 11:45 am show and instantly took the stage. It was early; they admitted to going to bed well after 3 am the night before, but if they were tired it didn't show. An energetic Haines walked to the front of the stage, grabbed the mic, and signaled the band to kick off the set with "Artificial Nocturne," track one off their newly released album, Synthetica. They transitioned into five more tunes, which included hit single, "Youth Without Youth" and "Lost Kitten," all off the new disc.

emily Haines delivering her blistering vocals at the Red Bull Sound Space. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Following the gig, Metric answered questions shouted out by various audience members. The show ended with Haines, clad in oversized sparkly sunglasses, doodling on the arm of a fan that divulged his plan to beeline to the nearest tattoo parlor following the show to "make it permanent."

After the gig, Ted Stryker of CBS Radio played Vanna White to the spot on the KROQ wall where Metric stenciled their logo and signed autographs. Stryker gave us a taste of the current priorities in the CBS Radio/KROQ world: " The X Games are coming up and we'll be broadcasting there. We have a huge presence there. We have the Honda Civic tour coming up with Linkin Park and Incubus. Our Red Bull Sound Space has been amazing. We have some bands coming that we can't reveal. Big ones! The US Open of Surf is coming in Huntington Beach and it's a huge giant event as well."

fan A fan getting an autograph on stage. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

As the band prepared to jet off to soundcheck for their same day Kimmel performance, Metric's manager/founder of Equator Music, Mathieu Drouin who was hanging with Warren Christensen, SVP/Promotion of Q Prime, explained that things have been great in the Metric camp.

stryker CBS Radio's Ted Stryker, who played host for the evening. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

"The reception for the new album has been quite incredible. On the last album, Metric became the first band in history to have their first ever Top 20 hit at US commercial radio without the backing of any kind of label, and a pure self-release. This time around, the first single is already headed in to the Top 10 at American radio, and the band made history again by debuting at number 1 on the Canadian Alternative charts, which no band has ever done. We've already matched our own personal record of 8 weeks at number 1, and are working to break the current reigning record of 8 weeks at number one held by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Meanwhile, Synthetica debuted at number 2 in Canada and number 12 in America, selling approximately 50,000 albums (not including singles) in North America in their first week. The album comes out Monday in the UK and Europe, and if the trend continues, we can't help but be ecstatic."

band Metric by the wall of autographs. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

According to both Drouin and Christensen, the current priority for the band is to focus on continuing to grow the fanbase in America while aggressively working on other foreign markets including the UK, continental Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Drouin told that the band will be so busy playing shows and promoting the album that they have a total of just 19 days off between now and December 17th.