Moby performing the acoustic portion of his set on the lawn of the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Fans stood on the lawn of the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles this past weekend (July 14) as Moby took the stage to headline the first of three KCRW-sponsored "Who Shot Rock & Roll: Live" shows. Moby greeted the crowd, explaining that he would be doing a "strange show." The first half would be quiet and acoustic and "the second half would be a big f-k off rave party."

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The singer was joined by guest vocalists and a cellist who accompanied him on acoustic renditions of "Porcelain," "South Side," and a cover of Kris Kristofferson's "Me and My Bobby McGee." Halfway through the set, Moby announced his transition into his electronic show. "I was hoping there was a more dramatic way to do this, like Cirque du Soleil with a harness. But I'm just a middle aged guy walking back there to play some records." His lackluster transition was quickly forgotten as he cranked out energetic beats, at one point leading the crowd in a fist pumping session to accompany an audience-driven "Moby" chant and ending his set by jumping on top of the turntables.

KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley warmed-up the crowd with a DJ set. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Warming-up the crowd was none other than KCRW Music Director, Jason Bentley (above), who said KCRW/Annenberg had spent nine months planning the concert series and that he was really happy with the turn out for the first night. "We had to cap it at 4,000 people per the fire marshal. There are definitely a couple thousand people who are a little bit miffed tonight because they did all the right things - RSVP'd - and then they didn't get in because we had to limit it to 4,000."

Bentley said he found the "Who Shot Rock & Roll" exhibit to be extremely inspiring. "I thought it was great, especially because of what we do on a daily basis in supporting artists. It showed me that every band has a starting point - The Stones, The Beatles. I see so many emerging bands so it just made me appreciate what we're doing for these young ones and who knows; they could be the next Rolling Stones or David Bowie."

Daniel Mendoza, West regional operations manager at The Recording Academy, spoke about finding next year's Skrillex for the Grammys. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

"I'm a huge Moby fan," said Daniel Mendoza, West regional operations manager at The Recording Academy, "I thoroughly enjoyed Moby's set. I've actually seen Moby perform seven or eight times throughout the years since the early 90's in the early electronic dance music scene. Every time I see him he'll always do something different." Mendoza and his team are gearing up for the 2013 Grammy Awards season. "We're just really excited about everything that's going on and we can't wait to see what new artists get a chance this year. Last year it was Skrillex who really blew up so we'll just see what happens this year."

Michael Plen, executive VP marketing/licensing/promotion for the Fader Label (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

Michael Plen, executive VP marketing/licensing/promotion with Fader Label
has been busy working with KCRW on the Dylan Amnesty project, a four-disc collection of more than 80 artists covering Bob Dylan tracks. "I helped KCRW put together the third show in this concert series which has Raphael Saadiq and Band of Skulls doing Dylan tributes on August 4th." Plen told .Biz that's he's also busy focusing on Matt and Kim, who just released a new single called "Let's Go" and have an album coming out in September. "We're also busy with Yuna who is about to go on tour with Allen Stone and David Gray."

Director of radio promotion and marketing with EMI Angelo Scrobe. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

We spotted Angelo Scrobe, director of radio promotion and marketing with EMI taking a quick Moby break to pop into a colossal Coffee Bean line. He chatted about his current EMI priorities, which include a campaign called Electrospective, which is focusing on the back catalog of EMI EDM artists. "I'm now talking with Jason about developing a monthly show that would air nationally on a couple of platforms," said Scrobe. Aside from the EDM world, Angelo is also concentrating his efforts on The Beach Boys. "The new album just debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Chart and now we're approaching our 50th anniversary catalog reissues coming out in the fall.

Sorry, You're Not on the List: KCRW Publicity Director Rachel Reynolds (right) and KCRW PR Assistant Monika Scott manage a smile despite having door duty. (Photo: Catie Laffoon)

KCRW Publicity Director Rachel Reynolds and KCRW PR Assistant Monika Scott took a break from checking in the media and VIPs to pose for a quick photo and discuss the next two KCRW/Annenberg shows in the "Who Shot Rock Live" concert series:

July 21st: T Rex's "The Slider" 40th Anniversary Celebration featuring Portugal. The Man and T. Rex vs. KCRW Soundclash Remix EP Release Party with KCRW DJs Dan Wilcox & Gary Calamar

August 4th: A night of music celebrating "Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan" featuring Raphael Saadiq, Band of Skulls with KCRW