youngblood Youngblood Hawke, fresh off the Universal Republic release of their first EP, gave a stripped-down acoustic show that revealed the depth of their harmonies. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

About an hour before the Record Company was scheduled to open Elias Arts' end of summer showcase, the band's guitarist Chris Vos dropped his glass slide and it shattered on the concrete floor. He may have not picked a better place to do it -- the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Beverly Hills -- where he was able to secure a metal replacement within 15 minutes.

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Elias Arts, the Santa Monica-based music supervision house, proved prescient with its Thursday night bill of Youngblood Hawke, Field Report and the Record Company. Field Report was making its first L.A. headlining show on Aug. 25 before heading on tour with Aimee Mann and releasing their debut Sept. 11 on Partisan Records. And Santa Monica's KCRW had just tagged the Record Company's "Goodbye Sad Eyes" as one of the five best songs submitted through their new online service Malcolm; the band has a tour opening for the Whigs in October.

anna Music supervisors, from left, Cathi Black, Jerry Pilato and Anna Grannucci party with trombonist Andrew Lippman, right, at the Elias Arts End of Summer showcase. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

Jason Kramer and Ann Haugen of Elias Arts organized the evening in conjunction with Gibson's Lynda Hayden and Jennifer Feeney plus Mark Nguyen of Planet LA Records. The crowd was a solid representation of independent music supervisors, publishers and musicians. Basically a room full of people talking about musical tastes, from D.A. Wallach, aka Chester French, talking about jazz to Vos mentioning he had been listening to Mance Lipscomb over the weekend or Songstew's Jonathan McHugh heading off to see Civil Twilight at the El Rey.

jason Elias Arts music supervisor -- and one of the event's planners -- Jason Kramer, left, spent the early part of the evening introducing the Record Company's Chris Vos to attendees. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

In the house were ASCAP assistant VP Loretta Munoz, SESAC VP Erin Collins, Talenthouse's Michael Silverstein, Mighty Generation Music's Michelle Crispin, Marvel Interactive Games' Javon Frazier and, from the U.K., Don Kennedy of Daddy Longlegs Records who had the duo Bite the Buffalo in tow.

michelle Mighty Generation Music co-founder Sven Spiekerhangs out with his senior creative director for Film and TV, Michelle Crispin. (Photo: Phil Gallo)