Backbeat: Scooter Braun, Todd Moscowitz, More Rock 'In Touch' VMA After Party
Backbeat: Scooter Braun, Todd Moscowitz, More Rock 'In Touch' VMA After Party

scoots MTV VJ and KISS FM DJ Karli Henriquez (left) and singer Kat Deluna (right) hang out with Schoolboy Records chief Scooter Braun at the In Touch VMA After Party. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Of the myriad VMA parties to choose from, for many, the In Touch "Icons and Idols" at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont was the place to be. Among the celebs spotted in attendance were: Topher Grace, Kendra Wikinson, Chris Harrison, The Wanted, the Jonas Brothers, Cobra Starship, the cast of Jersey Shore, Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger, and any and every "Real Housewife" of anything.

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The VMA afterparty crew munched on lobster rolls, spring rolls and flat bread pizzas as Pauly D treated them to a high energy set which included Snoop Dogg, "Walk This Way" (The Aerosmith/ Run DMC version), and old school Michael Jackson.

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Also spotted at the party was Kat Deluna, who was excited that her single "When I See You Dance" was released last week and was premiered by Ryan Seacrest. Deluna, who was hanging out with Karli Henriquez ( MTV VJ, KISS FM DJ) said that she loved Alicia Keys at the VMAs but her favorite performance was P!nk.

dawson Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns has a drink with manager Jim Welch. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Justin Bieber manager/School Boy Records chief Scooter Braun was also in the house. Braun, who attended the VMAs, told that his favorite moment was when South Korean YouTube rapping sensation Psy came out doing "Gangnam Style" with Kevin Hart. -- which isn't surprising because he just inked a label partnership with Psy. While there were many after parties to choose from, Braun said the Idols and Icons party was his number one destination.

"I went to dinner with a bunch of friends and I went to SoHo house and here. I'm not a partier and I just wanted to come out and hang with a couple of friends," he said. He also told us that Bieber was gearing up to go on tour in a few weeks, stating that the plan was for him to "go around the world for the next year and a half." He also mentioned that Bieber was going to be shooting a video with Nicki Minaj tomorrow for his next single, "Beauty And A Beat."

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We spotted Phylicia Fant -- VP of publicity at Warner Brothers, as she was headed out of the party with CEO of Warner Brothers, Todd Moscowitz. " Green Day was my favorite VMA performance," she said.

mosco Warner Bros. Records CEO Todd Moscowitz with Warner Bros. VP of publicity Phylicia Fant. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Fant was also buzzing about Rihanna's dress at the VMAs. "Her dress was amazing and her haircut and her whole performance with Bangladesh was great."

Moscowitz told us that he sadly was unable to catch the VMAs this year. "I was on an airplane during the VMAs so I didn't get to watch them, but I was excited that Green Day got to perform."

Billboard Power 100: Todd Moscowitz

"Pauly D did a great job. The drinks were amazing. We always love Ciroc," added Fant.

We caught up with Jeremy Dawson from Shiny Toy Guns and his manager Jim Welch, who went to the Porsche fashion week party prior to the Chateau party. "We got a lot of goodies but the coolest thing I got was the hairspray that stuck my hair up tonight."

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Brandon Chamberlain, who just merged his PR company Gypsyfade into EFG where he is the head of the Music Department currently, was on site. Chamberlain, who also works with Bun B, Jana Kramer, Kat Deluna, Shiny Toy Guns, Dia Frampton, and The Summer Set, was busy running the show at the In Touch/In Style Chateau Marmont soiree. He told Billboard that he didn't make it to the VMAs as he was busy party planning all day. "I did catch part of it though. My favorite performance in the VMAs was Demi Lovato. I respect Demi Lovato. P!nk also kicked ass." he said.

cab (L-R): The Cab's Alex DeLeon and Alex Marshall with Gypsy Fade's Brandon Chamberlain. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Alex DeLeon from Universal Republic band The Cab, said that Frank Ocean was his favorite VMA performer. "It was a guitar player and a singer. They didn't need crazy lights. Yeah they might have had a big fire behind them but it was a fire, his voice, and a guitar. I'll take it any day of the week." The band's Alex Marshall said he would have to second that but admitted that One Direction was also "decent."

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Dawson, who was hanging out with the alt rockers chimed in, saying that, "the best part of One Direction was when the drummer dropped his sticks and the drums continued on by perfect magic. It was amazing."

carlton Alfonso Ribeiro -- best known as Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" -- sits with fiancee Angela Unkrich. (Photo: Nicole Pajer)

Last but not least, we spotted Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton from "the Fresh Prince of Bel Air" who was hanging out with his fiancé Angela Unkrich. He told us that he's been busy directing Disney's "Shake it Up." He praised Pauly D, stating that the evening's music was good. "I'm not a Jersey Shore dude but what he did up here was alright. In this day and age it's hard to be a bad DJ. You know the good songs and choose them right." Ribeiro told us that he gets asked to do the Carlton dance "a billion times a year." "If I'm out, I'm going to get asked somewhere. I'm not going to be dancing for people all day long though. That's not going to happen," he said.