Time Warp 2015

Time Warp USA at a Brooklyn warehouse on November 28-29, 2014.

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An Argentinian federal judge is reportedly pursuing the promotion company behind the Time Warp festival in Buenos Aires where five people lost their lives. 

The capital’s mayor, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, had earlier announced the government would no longer issue permits in a reaction to the drug-related deaths during the April 15 fest (another four were taken to hospital critically ill, though one has since been released).

Buenos Aires Bans Large Dance Music Festivals After Time Warp Deaths

Now, federal judge Sebastian Casanello has reportedly targeted key personnel at the fest’s local promoter, Dell Producciones, for the negligent deaths.

Some 30 people implicated in the lawsuit must testify before Casanello, who is directing the investigation.
Among those detained are DP attorney Maximilliano Avila and Carlos Maria Garat, who was in charge of the site’s evacuation plan, according to The Costa Rica Star (via Dancing Astronaut).

Adrian Conci, head of the event production firm, has reportedly been on the run since Casanello ordered his detention.

5 Die After Time Warp Electronic Music Festival in Argentina

Several members of the municipal government and an outsourced security firm are among those who must testify before Casanello, writes the Latin American Herald Tribune

Time Warp began in Germany in 1994 and was being held in Buenos Aires for the third year.