Reichstag Building Berlin, Germany

Night shot of the Reichstag Building, seat of the German parliament on March 03, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

 Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

GEMA, the German rights collection society which represents about 71,000 music creators, generated a total revenue of €893.8 million, an increase of €200,000 over 2014.

"GEMA's income benefited from export revenues, which turned out to be higher than projected, and from currency effects," said GEMA CEO Dr. Harald Heker in Munich in a statement today. 

"It is key to strengthen GEMA’s operating results in the coming years and to invest in [our] sustainability accordingly. As a consequence, GEMA has spent nearly €28 million on strategic measures in 2015," Heker said in a statement on the news. Those measures included projects like the International Copyright Enterprise in which GEMA, together with its sister societies PRS for Music in the U.K. and STIM in Sweden collaborated on a pan-European online rights licensing platform.

Heker had some criticism of digital revenues, saying that "the balance still does not adequately reflect user behavior. While the previous year's income [of €44.8 million] looks positive, it actually came mainly from retroactive payments."