Green Day

Green Day

Felisha Tolentino

With the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony just days away (Saturday, April 18), Pandora is sharing some data about what their listeners think about the 2015 Rock Hall class.

Specifically, Pandora is sharing the most-liked song from each one of the 2015 inductees on Pandora. Check out the "top thumbed-up" songs below (graphic courtesy Pandora).

A few are total non-shockers. Obviously, "Ain't No Sunshine" is Bill Withers' most beloved song, and Lou Reed's biggest hit is "Walk on the Wild Side." And while they've had plenty of classics, no jaws will drop after reading that "Good Riddance" remains Green Day's most-liked.

Green Day, Joan Jett, Lou Reed & More Join Rock Hall Class of 2015

A few are rather surprising, though. While "Pride and Joy" is Stevie Ray Vaughan's best-known song, it seems Pandora listeners are more likely to give his Jimi Hendrix cover "Little Wing/3rd Stone From the Sun" the thumbs-up. Also odd: Joan Jett's "Destination Unknown" is her big winner.

The Internet radio giant -- which boasts 81.5 million active listeners -- rounded up some other facts about the most popular rock songs on Pandora, which you can check out below.

For example: So far for 2015, Hozier, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy are the most thumbed-up artists. Similarly, the most thumbed-up rock songs of 2015 are FOB's "Centuries," Hozier's "Take Me to Church" and -- slight change of pace -- Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." Some classics never die.