It's not often that we here at let our hair down -- we keep our mullets up in a bun between 9 and 5, just like you -- but it's important to keep in mind that this business of music is, more often than not, about enjoyment as much as it is about streaming royalty rates and worldwide publishing deals. In that spirit we present to you "Weird Merch," a new column detailing precisely that. Enjoy.

Prayer Candles Featuring David "Goblin King" Bowie, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton  and More

Etsy entrepreneur Danielle Jenkins of Petaluma, CA has begun selling prayer candles featuring some of our most favorite secular gods and goddesses -- Morrissey, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Dolly Parton and Darth Vader. Her business must be booming; some of our favorite editions -- Goblin King David Bowie from "Labyrinth" principal among them -- we noticed after Dangerous Minds pointed out Jenkins' store appear to be completely sold out.

The Wu-Tang Christmas Sweater

Like the Slayer Christmas sweater before it, this piece of Wu-Tang merch is one for the ages, or however long acrylic fabric can withstand honey-dipped spliff fingers. We have a feeling Drake's gonna cry about it. (A cap doff to NME for the find!)