No. 66

Jennifer Breithaupt

Senior VP of Experiential Marketing

Citi presales of concert tickets grew 10% year over year and set an industry record with $17 million of the total gross of Madonna’s MDNA tour.

THE RUNDOWN: Concert-related credit card packages are at an all-time high in terms of competition, and Jennifer Breithaupt is helping Citi come out on top. In partnership with Live Nation since 2007, Citi Private Pass has helped sell card members more exclusive presale tickets, preferred seating and VIP packages than any of its competitors -- covering more than 5,000 music events in 2012, to be precise, with a 10% year-over-year increase in ticket sales. For example, Madonna’s MDNA tour booked $17 million of its total gross from Citi presales -- an industry record -- and 50 more of the year’s top 100 tours benefited in some way from Citi programs.

Not that Citi is just focusing on blockbusters. “Our base is diverse,” Breithaupt says. “They buy everything from a Jay-Z VIP experience or a lawn ticket to see Jason Aldean to club shows with emerging artists.” Breithaupt’s priority in 2012 also turned to enhancing the in-show experience, from creating a Citi Sky Deck (a private card member lounge at select venues) to hosting Citi/AAdvantage members-only concerts with acts like Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys. (The latter also appeared in a national ad campaign that premiered new single “Girl on Fire.”)

Breithaupt is rarely surprised anymore by Citi members’ passion for tunes (more than 50% of its customers purchase music products), but leave it to a certain boy band to defy even her wildest expectations. “It was fascinating to witness the magic of One Direction, and its ability to sell out two consecutive tours at virtually the same time,” she says. “The 2013 tour sold out instantly, more than a year in advance of the actual show dates.”

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Jennifer Breithaupt photo by Joseph Llanes