Tom Windish: The 2014 Billboard Power 100
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Tom Windish

the Windish Agency

His agency signed 270 artists in the past year—including Lorde—and he’s ready to help them with more than concert bookings

During the past decade, Tom Windish has grown the Windish Agency into one of the most powerful and forward-thinking independent concert booking firms around.

“We take risks based on music we believe in and it’s paying off in a variety of ways,” says Windish, who opened the agency’s Chicago headquarters in 2004.

The Windish Agency boasts a roster of more than 700 clients—270 of which were signed in 2013. Windish cites signing 17-year-old New Zealand singer Lorde for North and South America—and selling out 60,000 tickets to her March tour in 30 minutes—as a 2013 highlight.

While he continues to hire new agents across the country, Windish has expanded the scope of his agency to offer more than concert bookings. In 2012, the firm teamed with Hidden Track Music to unveil a licensing division, and also started a tour marketing division.

In January, the agency hired former Silva Artist Management manager Michele Fleischli as creative consultant, and will soon add a digital strategist.

“If our artists want to do something unique, like build their own festival or do a partnership with a brand to launch an album, she’s going to help us figure out ideas and bring them to fruition,” he says, noting that artists are receiving less help from labels when it comes to coordinating tour, video and album announcements. “We’re going to be a bigger part of those conversations.”