Jennifer Breithaupt: The 2014 Billboard Power 100
NO. 24

Jennifer Breithaupt

Senior VP of entertainment marketing, Citi

Under her watch, ticket sales for Citi’s tour sponsorships had a 22% jump

Through the years, music has scared off some major marketers from making deep investments because the industry’s planning cycles aren’t as fixed as, say, broadcast TV or national sports leagues. How has Citi responded to the challenge? By building a team dedicated to music partnerships and tour experiences for its card holders under the banner of Citi Private Pass.

The initiative has helped sell millions of concert tickets along the way, as part of a long-term deal with Live Nation.

“We have an enormous customer base with a finger on the pulse,” says Jennifer Breithaupt, who oversees Citi’s music and entertainment strategy.

Citi offered access to more than 60 of the top 100 tours (according to Billboard Boxscore), with a 22% increase in overall ticket sales. Among the top tours were One Direction, with $32 million in revenue on 370,000 tickets to card holders, and the Rolling Stones, with $22 million.

“We survey fans coming out of every concert, both with and without a Citi card, and a high percentage are saying, ‘Citi offers the most access,’” Breithaupt says.

In 2014, Citi will ramp up a new focus on branded content, which recently began with Web series “Culinary Beats” (co-created with Columbia Records) and “Huff Post Live.”

“We’ve been moving away from ‘experienced by few’ and toward ‘witnessed by many,’ and branded content helps with that,” Breithaupt says. “We want to amplify everything we do with artists.”