Demis Roussos Dead at 68

Demis Roussos Dead at 68

Renowned Greek singer Demis Roussos, a household name in the 1970s and 1980s across Europe and beyond, has died in Athens at the age of 68, a hospital confirmed Monday.
Broadway Braces for Bad Weather

Broadway Braces for Bad Weather

As a snowstorm blasts Times Square, the Broadway League said all plays and musicals will be closed on Monday.
Tom Petty

Tom Petty Won't Win a Grammy for Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'

How will the news of Sam Smith giving Tom Petty co-writing credit on the smash hit "Stay With Me" impact the upcoming Grammy Awards? As it turns out, only a little bit -- but certainly enough to make awards analysts take note.
Kawaii Music

The Act of Buying Music Isn't Dead

Whether or not music purchases are dead depends on your definition of dead. But just know that music purchases aren't dead.
 Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Postpones California Show

Billboard has confirmed that Bill Cosby has postponed his Feb. 12 appearance at the Fox Theater in Bakersfield, California.