Mark Bell, 2003.

Remembering Mark Bell: His Top 10 Productions

In honor of Mark Bell's work, Billboard recounts 10 of his finest productions, from his own group's work to the classic album cuts he helped create behind the console.

CODE Guest Playlist: Huxley

Trace U.K. house and garage to their intersection and you're bound to encounter Huxley. Huxley caught up with Billboard to provide a bumping Guest Playlist of his favorite garage classics.
Oliver Heldens, 2014.

Oliver Heldens Talks Deep House & Defying Genres at TomorrowWorld

"What does deep house mean to you?" Seated on a butterfly bench backstage at TomorrowWorld, Oliver Heldens hesitates. It's understandable; his stance is more often assumed than asked, both by the fans of his radio-ready reinterpretation of the style and the classicists who crucify his new blasphemous sound. "Nothing," he finally replies. "Genres mean nothing to me. Listeners create the genres."