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Lionel Richie Takes Country Album to HSN for Live Concert

Lionel Richie Takes Country Album to HSN for Live Concert

HSN is launching their own concert series on March 16, and they've enlisted Lionel Richie to help them kick it off. For the "Say You, Say Me" singer-songwriter, the first "HSN Live"  concert is an opportune time and place to perform songs off his upcoming country album, "Tuskegee."
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Adele's Next '21' Single: 'Rumour Has It'

This is no rumor. Adele's next single, her fourth off the Grammy winning "21" album, will be the stompingly catchy "Rumour Has It," Billboard has confirmed.
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Gloria Estefan Had Bloody Good Time Making 'Hotel Nacional' Video

Gloria Estefan drew blood while making her new, stylish video for "Hotel Nacional." And she liked it. The latin music icon told Billboard on Wednesday (Feb. 8) that the clip, which debuts this week, has the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen's imprint all over it.
Madonna Kicks Off World Tour in Israel

Madonna Rocks, M.I.A. Flips the Bird During Super Bowl Halftime Show

It's Madonna Louise Ciccone's world, we're just living in it. The pop icon took to the world's biggest stage to rock three-and-a-half older tracks and a playful new song during the Super Bowl halftime show. M.I.A. stirred up controversy by extending her middle finger during her rap.
On 'SNL,' Bon Iver Shines as 'Lana Del Rey' Whines

On 'SNL,' Bon Iver Shines as 'Lana Del Rey' Whines

Three weeks after Lana Del Rey stunk up the joint with her Brian Williams-panned performance, "Saturday Night Live" righted its musical ship this weekend with a dreamy, horn-filled set from critical darlings Bon Iver.