Kerri Mason

Billboard Contributor

Kerri Mason has covered electronic dance music for Billboard since 2005, and has been featured as an expert on the genre by outlets including The History Channel, Fox News, and USA Today. She also covers pop and classical music.

Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles: Remembering a Chicago House Icon

Knuckles' music and DJ sets bridged the gap between disco and house, birthing the global nightlife scene and making the tall, radio-voiced Bronx native a living icon around the world. He once called house music "disco's revenge."
Madeon, DJ Elle, Porter Robinson

Dance Music's Next Generation: 10 Young EDM Stars to Watch

They make beats, rule the main stage and are climbing the charts, even if they aren't yet old enough to order a drink at the bar. As festival season kicks off with Ultra in Miami, meet the ­(mostly) under-21s who make up dance music's next generation.