Judy Cantor-Navas

Billboard Correspondent and Billboard en Español Managing Editor

Judy Cantor-Navas writes about Latin music and the music industry from Barcelona. [Judy's Website]


Irene Diaz

BMI Latin Plans 'Like a Girl' SXSW Showcase for Latina Artists

The showcase promises to demonstrate that while women in Latin Alternative and indie pop en español might hit a cement ceiling when it comes to real commercial success, their presence continues to be strong.
Robin Perkins

'A Guide to the Birdsong of South America': This Album is for the Birds -- Seriously

A Guide to the Birdsong of South America is not as scientific as the title might suggest, but the recording does capture the voices of actual birds – whistling, hooting, daybreaking, joy making - and yes, even angry-sounding birds. They sometimes seem to be singing to a cumbia beat. The album evokes both landscape and culture in tracks by ten notable artists from South America known for music informed by tradition and technology
Andres Levin

Verizon, Cookman Management Launch Scouting Contest

Verizon has joined with Los Angeles’s Cookman management and Nacional Records in a search for “unsigned músicos” from the Western states. At stake is a recording session with Grammy-winning producer Andres Levin. Geared toward Latino artists.