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Judy Cantor-Navas writes about Latin music and the music industry from Barcelona. [Judy's Website]


Lila Downs

Lila Downs Talks New Album 'Balas y Chocolate' & Her Husband's Terminal Diagnosis

“I’ve seen hell; I’ve seen the news” sings Lila Downs at the start of the song “La Patria Madrina.” A video for the track out today flashes shots of deforestation, oil excavation, headlines of violence in Mexico, and images of war and consumerism that have become part of our daily media feed combine with skeleton masks and indigenous warriors.
Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi to Attend SXSW Debut of Previously Unauthorized Biopic

“With differences now settled with the producers and myself I can give my support to this Mexican production,” Trevi said thorugh her publicist. “Ultimately [it] has a positive message: One’s life can unravel, but you can start over and fill it with beautiful things and Glory!!”