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Dan Rys is a writer and editor who has written and worked for Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Hot Press Magazine, among others. He probably likes funk music more than you do.

Vevo: The Numbers Behind Two Years of Growth

Vevo In Talks With Facebook, May Leave YouTube (Report)

Vevo is in preliminary talks with Facebook over taking its music video service to the social network after its deal with Google-owned YouTube expires next year.  Though move that could greatly augment Facebook's music section, don't expect Google to take the news lying down...
Warner and Sony Join Universal's Lawsuit Against Grooveshark

Grooveshark and the Anonymous Evidence Against It

Grooveshark has subpoenaed Digital Music News for information regarding an anonymous commenter claiming to work for the company who alleged widespread and coroporate-sanctioned copyright infringement, a potentially damning piece of evidence that could play a major role in the web site's lawsuits against Universal, Sony and Warner Music Group.
Scott Mannis Fighting Epilepsy Through Music

Scott Mannis Fighting Epilepsy Through Music

When aspiring singer Scott Mannis was 17 years old, he began periodically losing feeling in the left side of his body, specifically in his leg. It took three years for doctors to diagnose his condition as a rare form of epilepsy, whose symptoms can be minimized, but for which there is no cure.