Chuck Dauphin

Country News Columnist,

Country News Editor and The 615 columnist for, Chuck Dauphin has also been a contributor to outlets such as Roughstock and At Home Tennessee. Dauphin has also enjoyed a twenty-year run in the Nashville area as a radio personality, currently with WNKX / Centerville.

Brigitte DeMeyer

Brigitte DeMeyer Explains How Gregg Allman Inspired 'Savannah Road'

Brigitte DeMeyer thought she had something special when she released her current album, 'Savannah Road,' but the Americana-inspired artist tells Billboard that she was not prepared for the attention the album has received from critics and fans alike -- not to mention one legendary fellow artist.
Kristian Bush

Sugarland's Kristian Bush Makes His Solo Debut With 'Trailer Hitch' Single

Let's get the preliminaries out of the way. Yes, Kristian Bush is from Sugarland, the award-winning country duo that made Jennifer Nettles a household name. No, though both artists are currently promoting solo works, they do not hate other -- or have bitterness toward the other in any way.