Chuck Dauphin

Country News Columnist,

Country News Editor and The 615 columnist for, Chuck Dauphin has also been a contributor to outlets such as Roughstock and At Home Tennessee. Dauphin has also enjoyed a twenty-year run in the Nashville area as a radio personality, currently with WNKX / Centerville.

Jerry Lawson

Exclusive Song Premiere: Jerry Lawson's 'Just a Mortal Man'

As a teenager in Florida, Jerry Lawson remembers being mesmerized by the music on the radio. He began to listen to many of the stations throughout the South, but one in particular kept him tuning in a little bit more: WLAC in Nashville. Billboard is excited to bring you the title track of Lawson's new album, "Just a Mortal Man," which he said took on a very personal turn not too long after recording it.
Ashley Monroe

Ashley Monroe on Her First 'Happy' Single: 'Who Would Have Thought It?'

The sound of "On to Something Good," the brand-new single from acclaimed singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe, might just take some listeners by surprise. Known for her emotional and dramatic releases in the past, this track -- the first single from her upcoming second release for Warner Bros. Nashville -- picks up the pace.
Aaron Tippin

Aaron Tippin Celebrates '25' Years in Country Music With Latest Album

The opening line of "On This Side of Life," a track from the new Aaron Tippin collection 25, contains a lyric that is true to life and the music business: "One thing is for certain, nothing is for certain." The singer admits that job stability in his vocation is something of a pipe dream.
Nathan Stanley

Nathan Stanley Continues Grandpa Ralph's 'Legacy' on Latest Album, With Brad Paisley

Nathan Stanley definitely knows a little about the word legacy. The entertainer is the grandson of Dr. Ralph Stanley, who helped define the genre of bluegrass music via his work as a solo artist, as well as with his brother Carter. He has played in the Clinch Mountain Boys since the age of 10. So titling his latest album The Legacy Continues definitely makes sense.