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Justin Bieber Breaks Foot, Possibly Ends Feud With Drake Bell

Justin Bieber Breaks Foot, Possibly Ends Feud With Drake Bell

Justin Bieber won’t be able to perform skateboard tricks for a little while. While playing soccer on vacation in the Caribbean this past weekend, the singer sustained a freak accident and broke his foot.
Fall Out Boy on the Today Show

Hear Fall Out Boy's 'Irresistible' Sid and Nancy-Inspired New Single

Fall Out Boy’s new studio album "American Beauty/American Psycho" drops Jan. 20 and the band has shared yet another new track from it. This one’s called “Irresistible,” and it’s par for the course amongst post-reunion Fall Out Boy tracks -- whopping, arena-sized hooks punctuated by a liberal use of sampling.
Arcade Fire at Pinkpop Fest

10 Band Members We Wish Would Release Their Solo Debuts in 2015

These musicians have yet to release proper solo albums, despite accomplished careers with their respective groups. We can dream, can't we? Maybe this year we'll hear from these very talented individuals on their own.
Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, 2000.

Rob Thomas Slices Off Part of His Finger

This morning (Dec. 30), the Matchbox Twenty frontman tweeted a photo of his hand, revealing a piece of skin severed off the top of his left middle finger. “At the hospital now,” his caption reads. “There's supposed to be more finger there.”
Justin Bieber, 2014.

Justin Bieber Sued Over Alleged Hamptons Nightclub Scuffle

Justin Bieber’s name and “lawsuit” are in the same headline again, even if the singer didn’t throw any punches (or eggs) this time. According to TMZ, 22-year old Wayne Rennalls is suing Bieber over injuries sustained in a night club brawl last year in the Southampton, NY.