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Chris Payne joined the editorial team in January 2013 after breaking in as an intern with both Billboard and Pitchfork, and freelancing for outlets like Paste,, The L and Critical Mob. He served as music director for The College of New Jersey's WTSR from 2008 to 2010.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey on her 'Big Eyes' Golden Globes Nomination: 'I'm So Grateful'

Lana Del Rey’s big 2014 continued today (Dec. 11) with a Golden Globes nomination for Best Original Song, Motion Picture. Up against the likes of Lorde and John Legend is Lana’s “Big Eyes,” which appears in the pivotal scene of Tim Burton’s new film of the same title.
Hear Coldplay's New Slow Jam 'Miracles' From 'Unbroken' Soundtrack

Hear Coldplay's New Slow Jam 'Miracles' From 'Unbroken' Soundtrack

The upcoming Angelina Jolie-directed "Unbroken" tells the story of an American Olympian World War II hero who survived a near-fatal plane crash and and prisoner-of-war camps. Think Chris Martin and company have a slow jam in them that could match those stakes?
Luke Bryan

Everyone Was Getting Wasted to Luke Bryan Songs This Year

Digital jukebox leader TouchTunes announced its annual top played songs and artists today (Dec. 10) for jukeboxes across North America and Europe. If you ever doubted the combination of alcohol and country music, doubt no more.
Christopher Lee

Hear Christopher Lee's Latest Metal Christmas Carol

Acting legend Sir Christopher Lee -- never forget the Sir -- is 92 years old and more metal than you. Back in 2012, he became the oldest living performer to enter the Billboard charts with a metal Christmas carol called “Jingly Hell” and he’s back in the pummeling, yuletide spirit this year.
Hear Charli XCX's New Album 'Sucker' a Week Early

Hear Charli XCX's New Album 'Sucker' a Week Early

Don’t hand in those year end lists just yet -- there’s at least one more great album coming this year, and it’s from Charli XCX. "Sucker" -- featuring the hit “Boom Clap” and a bunch of others that sound like hits -- is now streaming via iTunes in advance of its Dec. 16 release date.