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Richard Smirke is a U.K. journalist specializing in music and the music industry, who writes regularly for Billboard magazine, and He has previously written for The Guardian, BBC, Associated Newspapers, and other publications.


Lemmy on New Motorhead Album, Band's 40th Anniversary

Motörhead Fan Suffers Brain Injury From Headbanging

It turns out that heavy metal really is dangerous for your health – at least in some rare cases - following the news that a German heavy metal fan suffered bleeding in the brain after a night of headbanging at a Motörhead concert.
Madonna Teases New Song 'Messiah'

Madonna Teases New Song 'Messiah'

Madonna has given fans a tantalizing glimpse of new material by posting a picture of the sheet music for a new song, entitled "Messiah" on Instagram.
Dolly Parton at Glastonbury Festival 2014

Glastonbury 2014: The Top 10 Best Acts

Just under 180,000 people attended this weekend’s Glastonbury festival – the world’s largest green field music and performing arts festival, which is held annually at the Eavis family-owned Worthy Farm, located just outside the historic British town of Glastonbury. With over 2,200 performers appearing on over 100 stages, spread across music, theater, poetry, crafts, cabaret and almost every other form of art and entertainment that you can possibly imagine, we can’t possibly claim to have seen every act that appeared – or even a small fraction – but here are the top 10 performances, moments and sets that, in our humble opinion, made Glastonbury 2014 special.
Wi-Fi Cows at 2014 Glastonbury

Glastonbury in Numbers: Mud, Toilets, Wi-Fi Cows and Zero Metal

Situated on a sprawling 1,200 acre site at the Eavis family-owned Worthy Farm, near the village of Pilton, several miles outside the historic British town of Glastonbury, the festival is epic in every sense of the word. To help guide you through the mind-boggling array of stages, performers and, no doubt, muddy fields, Billboard hereby presents "Glastonbury 2014 In Numbers."