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Say Anything / Nov. 3, 2009 / New York

Say Anything Lighten Up On New Album

On L.A.-based, pop-punk outfit Say Anything's 2007 album, "In Defense of the Genre," the band tackled some pretty dark fare. Saints were sent to hell, abusive relationships earned comparisons to cancer, and lead singer/songwriter Max Bemis' continued to address his past history with drug addiction. But Say Anything wants fans to know that it has lightened up -- a little bit, at least -- on its third album, self-titled and due Oct. 13 on RCA.
Video Q&A: 311 Cranks The 'Uplifter'

Video Q&A: 311 Cranks The 'Uplifter'

Check out what else SA and P-Nut had to say about 311's comeback and why "Uplifter" rocks harder than anything the band has done before.
Queen Latifah Returns To Rap On 'Persona'

Queen Latifah Returns To Rap On 'Persona'

Queen Latifah laments women's struggle to succeed the music industry and talks about getting back to rapping and singing on her new album, "Persona."
Raveonettes Let Fans 'In' On New Album

The Raveonettes Unveil Album Release And Tour Dates

Danish rock duo The Raveonettes has announced the dates for a fall tour in support of its fourth studio album, can exclusively report. The 19-date jaunt is set to kick off Oct. 14 at New York's Webster Hall and close out Nov. 15 in Las Vegas. Entitled "In and Out of Control," The Raveonettes' album is slated for an Oct. 6 release on Vice.
Watch Daughtry's Nov. 19 Show Free On 'Billboard Live'

Video Q&A: Daughtry Rolls Into 'Town'

Billboard sat down with Daughtry talk about the band's newfound chemistry on "Leave This Town," how its frontman keeps his gritty voice in top shape, and why he recently performed a cover of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" (even though he's more of a blackjack guy).
Grammy Awards 2010 Nominations Preview

Justin Bieber's 'Time' Is Now

It's a familiar narrative: wunderkind with a gift for music takes it seriously, and lands a major-label deal before he gets his driver's license. Usher, Chris Brown and Britney Spears all fit the formula. Now, Justin Bieber can add his name to the list.