Web Trends: Listen To Spotify's Most Played Song Of 2011

Spotify Quietly Adds Artist Radio Function

Spotify users in the United States can now enjoy an artist radio function that mimics personalized Internet radio services like Pandora. But Pandora, Slacker and other personalized radio services need not feel threatened just yet. Spotify’s artist radio is a nice additional feature but not a game-changing production addition. Click through for the reasons why.
Record Label Shake Ups, Sales Make For A Tumultuous Year In The Music Industry

Business Matters: Why Warner Music and EMI Are Like Night and Day

Our writer takes issue with a Metronome post comparing Warner Music Group and EMI. Also, Internet radio companies are having trouble getting into cars, Vringo hooks up with Ziango, and read some strongly worded legalese about the Jamie Thomas-Rasset case.
Guest Post: Artist Revenue Stream Survey -- The Importance of Being Data, by John Simson

Future of Music Coalition to Launch Survey on Artist Revenue Streams

The Future of Music Coalition is undertaking a project that will answer two basic questions: what percentage of musicians’ income comes from each possible revenue source and how has that changed over the last ten years? The project’s intention is to deliver deep insight into an area where little hard data exists.
Business Matters: Former EMI Exec Says File-Sharers Are Good Customers

Business Matters: Former EMI Exec Says File-Sharers Are Good Customers

Former EMI exec Douglas Merrill recently repeated what many studies have shown: file-sharers are good music customers. So what does that mean for U.S. entertainment companies and ISPs who have agreed to fight piracy on broadband networks? Also, bands might want to wait on Google+, Hastings Entertainment raises its ceiling and Outbox CEO Fred Rosen's one-liners,