A Strong 2011 Holiday Season Could Bring Music Business First Positive-Sales Year Since 2004

The 2011 Music-Sales Boost, By The Numbers

Thanks to a surge in digital sales and strong catalog sales -- and possibly the shutdown of a major P2P network -- music sales have jumped in 2011. A recent NARM-sponsored webinar by Nielsen examined the sales spike and showed a number of causes at work.
Facebook Agrees To Improve Transparency...In Europe

Business Matters: RootMusic, ReverbNation, Vevo Are Top Music Apps on Facebook

RootMusic, ReverbNation, Vevo are the top music apps on Facebook. Also, Barnes & Noble's digital strategy looks strong despite that $57 million net loss in the last quarter; Wellington, New Zealand tries free WiFi; Paul Krugman’s plea shows the best and worst of music recommendations; and Chicago finally gets an official music district.
Business Matters: Loudbytes Launched Cloud-based Service, Lines Up Advisory Board

Business Matters: Loudbytes Launched Cloud-based Service, Lines Up Advisory Board

Loudbytes has unveiled an advisory board with a number of well-known industry professionals, including Jason Flom (president, Lava Records), Scott Pascucci (Moneta 9), Jeff Kempler (COO, Sub Rosa) and Kevin Lyman (owner, 4FINI and partner, SideOneDummy Records)... Hollywood is selling fewer tickets but getting more revenue in the United States... It appears the headphone market is not too crowded. SOL Republic has launched with a line of four affordable headphones... And more.
Facebook's Impact on Music Services: 1.5 Billion Shares in Six Weeks

Facebook Music Service: Lots of Rumors, Very Few Specifics

Rumors about Facebook’s upcoming “music service” are heating up ahead of its f8 developer’s conference on September 22. But good luck trying to discern from the reports the type of service or partnership that might be unveiled...